1993 - 2002
During the beginning of the eighth season of the "X-Files", a frequent visitor to's X-Files
Fan Forum, going by the name of Entil'zha, began writing reviews of the new episodes with an eye
towards the mythology and characterization.  Praised for their sharp insight and often offbeat wit, they
soon became very popular among the other visitors to the forum.

A few months later, Entil'zha (later revealed to be John) was writing "flashback" reviews for older
episodes as well, starting from the very beginning of the series, concentrating on the impact of each
episode on the overall mythology and the growth of the characters.  As a result of the growing demand
for a central location for finding and reading John's reviews, this page was created.  (In fact, this is the
oldest surviving page from the beginning of the Critical Myth concept, then known as "The Shrine of

Episode and film reviews have been largely completed, with the exception of the latter half of the sixth
season and the entirety of the seventh season.   In addition to writing reviews, John wrote fan fiction
exploring aspects of the series' mythology, which can be found through the link on this page.

As always, John appreciates any feedback he can get, and so he invites all visitors to this site to E-mail
him or reply on the blog.
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