1999 - 2004
Not too many genre television shows are as well written and well acted as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".
But of those, even fewer manage to create a spinoff series that not only lives up to the source, but
often rivals its forebear in quality and style.

"Angel" has been such a series.

With the fifth season, "Angel" took its already massive series mythology and expanded it into new and
unexpected directions. The addition of James Marsters as Spike brought the conflict to a new level,
especially since Angel and the gang were now running the evil law firm of Wolfram and Hart!

Now with the series ended, cut down in its prime by heartless rat bastards at WB, it's time to reflect on
all five seasons. The reviews written during the third, fourth, and fifth seasons are already archived on
this site. In the near future, reviews will be written for the first two seasons as well.

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