The stories under the overall title, "A Bringer of New Things", take the events depicted during the season 8 finale as well as the events of the stories set during that time period and take them forward into season 9, with the intention of being faithful to the material depicted in the new season.

However, as in the previous stories, if the depicted timeline appears to be contradictory or difficult to work with, certain liberties will be taken. For instance, it is assumed that the events of season 9 begin roughly two-three months after "Existence", around July 2001, rather than the 48 hours shown onscreen or otherwise referenced. As the season moves forward, these timelines differences are dealt with as needed.

Things Remember
(Set in May/early June 2001) Scully finds herself still adjusting to motherhood and the uncertainties of her new life. But a chance encounter with a young woman with a curious antique shop helps put things into perspective...

Obligation (MeridyM)
(Set June/July 2001) Normal life involves family. It involves recreation. It involves friendships with people you don't work with. It involves companionship with the opposite sex. And if you're really lucky, it might even involve love...

"Nothing Important Happened Today"
(Set Mid-July 2001)

(Set during the same time period as Obligation and just before "Nothing Important Happened Today (I and II)") Mulder finds himself at a crossroads in his relationships with everyone around him. As details of a dangerous conspiracy involving Doggett's investigation into DD Kersh become known, Mulder has to make a critical decision. But unknown to all of them, other forces seek to control events...

(Set Labor Day Weekend 2001) Monica Reyes finds herself wondering if her decision to take on the X-Files assignment was the correct one. A chance meeting and several conversations later, she finds that perhaps things are not as they appear.

Chonnairc, Drasda, Fuirset
(Set September 1951/September 2001) Two men, each named Mulder, each taking a journey into the frozen expanse of Antarctica, 50 years apart. Neither man is prepared for what he will find, but the discoveries will alter the course of their lives forever.

Travertine Spring(MeridyM)
(Set Early November 2001) If someone could see into your heart, what would he find? And what would happen if your lover found out? John Doggett and Mo Dannah discover that sometimes, the answer can mean everything.

At the End of Desire (MeridyM)
(Set Early November 2001) The epilogue to Travertine Spring.

(Mid-November 2001)

"Lord of the Flies"/"Trustno1"
(Mid-December 2001)

Disharmonic Convergence
(Set Mid-November 2001 - Late December 2001) As Fox Mulder learns more about his own future, and the shape of the apocalypse to come, John Doggett finds himself concerned over the future of the X-Files. Both men discover that Dana Scully is at the center of something much greater, and much more deadly, than they had ever imagined.

"John Doe"/"Hellbound"
(January 2002)

Visions of Angels
(Set January 2002) For nearly a year, the woman called Angel Rose has woven her way into the lives of the agents assigned to the X-Files, yet they know almost nothing about her. After coming face to face with the most painful experience in this life, John Doggett begins searching for the truth. What he finds forces him to re-evaluate everything he thought he knew.

(Early March 2002)

(Set early February - March 2002) Fox Mulder narrowly avoided a trap set by a government conspiracy in "Trustno1". When another attempt is made on his life, the assassin is captured, and choices must be made...choices that may compromise his principles.

"Audrey Pauley"
(Mid-March 2002)

Say Goodbye
(Set Late March 2002) John Doggett, Morgan Dannah. Craig Walden, Angel Rose. Two men searching for redemption, seeking solace in the arms of two women. One night brings a new tomorrow, as the storm continues to gather...

(Late March/Early April 2002)

Meditations on Faith and Reason
(Set early April 2002) A mind dedicated to science; a soul dedicated to faith. Dana Scully has been searching for the meaning behind her son's life since the moment of his conception. Can a meeting with an old friend give her the answers she yearns for?

"Scary Monsters"/"Jump the Shark"/"William"/"Release"/"Sunshine Days"/"The Truth"
(Mid-April/Mid-May 2002)

Sof Ha Mishac
(Set April-May 2002) The pieces are all in place, and now the final endgame begins in the struggle to control humanity's future. Fox Mulder has vowed to take any measure necessary...but just how far will he be willing to go? And what will his choices suffer on those he seeks to protect?

(Updated 1/05/06)
(Set Late May 2002) With the conspiracy finally on the move against potential threats, Mulder and his allies are on the run, trying desperately to survive. But there are still truths to be uncovered, as Mulder must come to terms with his vision of a possible future for his son and the world...

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